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Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting

At Smart Electrical and security ltd we understand the importance of company liabilitys and take great care in ensuring reliability in the systems we install.

We can install Fire alarm and emergency lighting systems to meet the current regulations.

We supply and install fire alarms ranging from the conventional systems up to analogue fully addressable systems. We design, install, commission and issue full site drawings of all the system.

The differences between conventional and addressable are as follows:


Conventional Fire Alarms

This type of system are the more basic fire alarms systems. Detection devices are wired in zones e.g. ground floor (zone 1), first floor (zone 2), second floor (zone 3). If smoke, heat or a break glass is activated the fire alarm will set off and indicate the correct zone


Analogue Addressable Fire Alarms

This type of system detection devices are wired in loops incorporating zones. Each device is given an address e.g. 24. When the commissioning is complete the panel is programmed using a laptop PC. Each address then gets a label so for example 24 would be “ICT Office”. If that device is activated then the fire alarm will set off and the panel will display “FIRE ICT Office”..

These systems can be interlinked with the likes of ventilation systems and boilers so they shut down on alarm.

Smart electrical and security ltd are capable of design, installation and commission of emergency lighting systems.

  • Self contained emergency lighting with local test key switching
  • Non maintained
  • Maintained
  • Additional devices
  • Servicing and maintainance


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